Knowledge Based & Driven Organization
FSIB is based on knowledge sharing and collaboration enabled and enhanced technology. We continuously strive to further grow, maintain and disseminate state-of-the-art specialized knowledge about our business. FSIB’s consultants not only have professional knowledge and the ability to demonstrate high standing project and personal skills, but they also boast extensive experience in their respective fields of expertise. FSIB’s foremost important skill is the translation of enterprise wide business concepts into integrated working solutions.

FSIB invests heavily in its primary asset: People; their ideas, expertise, and experience. In order to enable and foster knowledge, FSIB relies heavily on technology to improve experience, knowledge transfer and information sharing, speed up decision making, nurture a corporate culture of innovation and creativity, and enforce discipline to deliver with precision and quality. In addition to people, FSIB also invests heavily in R&D and technology in general to ensure we are able to best serve our clients and consistently provide a leading edge in our technology integration services.

“Greater efficiency, cost optimization and superior customer service. These statements represent the core business drivers of FSIB.”

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At FSIB we go beyond providing solutions & services. We work with our clients through technology, business processes and business changes that shape their competitive advantage. We complement deep industry and technology skills and focus on business solutions & services with process frameworks and applications outsourcing capabilities.

Our Approach

Our renowned coaching programs will allow you to:

  • Measure success through our clients’ satisfaction
  • Take initiative, make commitments and own outcomes
  • Think, create, innovate
  • Move fast with focus
  • Do what is right
  • Win as a team
  • Backed by transparency and accountability

Our vision of being futuristic, simple and innovative translates into the best-of-breed integrated solutions we provide to our clients. By delivering high performance integrated systems which embrace today’s IP technology with futuristic open platform, we would like to share our enthusiasm for success.

Being a vendor independent System integrator FSIB offers a comprehensive set of technology solutions and professional services to help our clients maximize the benefit of their technology investment.

Greater efficiency, cost optimization and superior customer service. These statements represent the core business drivers of FSIB