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Systems-Integration in Qatar
Most clients have realized that often the power is not in the equipment, rather in its ability to interface with other equipment – SYSTEMS INTEGRATION !

They would like to be able to run all of their systems from one central, easy to use location. Therefore, clients stopped asking for equipment and started asking for solutions to resolve interface issues in their environment installed by various vendors.

System integration involves interfacing different types of equipment and technologies, such as sound systems, telephone systems, video systems, security systems, fire alarm systems, energy management systems and data networks to create a single system with seamless operation. These new seamless systems are much more than the sum of their individual parts. These solutions are what we define as system integration.

Providing a systems integration solution is not always easy. It requires expertise in all facets of low voltage systems and the experience to know how to make the systems work together.

This is why FSIB has a highly skilled technical team with the latest training & certification and strategic partners. This allows FSIB to provide the clients with world class systems integration solutions & services. The part about system integration that our clients like best is the ability to call one phone number for all their needs. Our personnel will take care of everything. That goes for service too. Consider your savings both financially, and in headaches by having FSIB handle all of your system needs.

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At FSIB we go beyond providing solutions & services. We work with our clients through technology, business processes and business changes that shape their competitive advantage. We complement deep industry and technology skills and focus on business solutions & services with process frameworks and applications outsourcing capabilities.

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