Specialized ServicesHandling every last detail of our customers' particulars

If you want to know the road ahead, ask someone who has already traveled it.

The qualified staff at Specialized Engineering understands the complexities and intricacies of a multitude of project types – from Government and Military facilities, to Education, Transportation, Energy & Utilities, Commercial, and Residential – allowing us to manage our services in the most efficient manner possible.

Our systems and procedures are driven by experience gained in the field along with our technical personnel who operate under the direct supervision of licensed professionals in their related disciplines (i.e. Professional Engineers, Professional Geologists, Certified Engineering Technicians).

We take PRIDE in our commitment to our clients’ ever changing needs:

Professional Approach                
eliable Service
Integration Specialist
Dedicated Engineers
Employee’s Continuous Development & Training

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At FSIB we go beyond providing solutions & services. We work with our clients through technology, business processes and business changes that shape their competitive advantage. We complement deep industry and technology skills and focus on business solutions & services with process frameworks and applications outsourcing capabilities.

We Undertake projects that needs Specialized Services in Qatar