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Business Process Outsourcing
Project Management Outsourcing is a refreshing approach to providing clients with access to professional project management expertise, whilst being able to retain their internal capability at its current level.

In a dynamic business environment, where increasing globalization challenges business viability and growth, companies should expect outsourcing to drive greater strategic effectiveness and business value beyond the scope of the outsourcing agreement.

FSIB believes that Outsourcing Services benefits go beyond operational efficiency, not merely satisfying service level agreements and lowering costs. At FSIB we understand that no two clients are alike, and truly focus on “extending your enterprise” working with the client the way that client must work in order to successfully change their operating model. Whether our clients wish to implement one process at a time, or whether they are equipped to deal with a major change in process delivery, FSIB works flexibly to meet client needs, aligning with client goals, not imposing ours.

Outsourcing Services succeeds when we works hand in glove with the client, bringing new processes and systems, new performance enhancing techniques and skill, but fundamentally solving problems and moving the dial together, not imposing solutions.

Outsourcing Services truly improve business performance only when combined with industry intimacy. We have built-in strong capabilities in industries such as Project Management, Utilities, Billing, ICT, Telecom, Facilities Management, Engineering, and Professional Services.

Our subject matter experts, drawn from both industry and nurtured internally, to delivery ensuring that we are able to respond quickly to your business challenges. Building these deep domain – and process – capabilities in Outsourcing Services is a continuous process, requiring significant investment in employee training, strategic partnerships, and development.

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At FSIB we go beyond providing solutions & services. We work with our clients through technology, business processes and business changes that shape their competitive advantage. We complement deep industry and technology skills and focus on business solutions & services with process frameworks and applications outsourcing capabilities.

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