The “Must Have” Home Technology

Long gone are the days when homes only required cabling for the simple basic home necessities such as electricity, cable TV, and telephone.

Today, technology is advancing at warp speed and to keep up with our insatiable appetite for information, connectivity, and entertainment choices, structured cabling or structured wiring as it is more commonly called, is an absolute “must have” technology in today’s fast-paced world.

The Benefits

Structured cabling gives you the ability to network computers and peripherals, access multiple telephone lines for various purposes such as for fax, voice, or modem usage, and the freedom to watch satellite or cable TV, a DVD, or home theater from any room in your home or place of business.

It Is Literally Plug & Play

The professional design team of FSIB accomplishes this by installing an equipment panel in a central location that not only distributes the service but reconfigures it to each subsequent room. The wall plates in each room are equipped with connectors for video, data, and telephone. Imagine having the freedom and flexibility to just “plug & play” anywhere in your house. It’s no wonder structured cabling is quickly becoming a growing trend among tech-savvy home and business owners.

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