ERP System Audit

ERP System Audits in Qatar
To assist our clients with the management of their systems, projects and businesses, we can supply accredited auditing professionals to undertake independent audits on their behalf.

Audits can be targeted to provide a structured review of the whole or part of a function or activity, with an objective of measuring conformance with predetermined standards, and identifying lessons learned in order to improve business performance and delivery.

Sample client audit requests have included risk mitigation, legislative mandate, as part of an organization’s standard internal procedures or simply when the sponsor/manager fears that the project is not going according to plan. As projects and organizations become larger and more complex, there is an increasing need for independent assessments of status and issues.

The results, findings and recommendations of audit reports can be drawn into an action plan, assisting the organization to accomplish its objectives by presenting a systematic and disciplined approach on evaluating and improving processes.

Risk in an ERP Environment

Major include both those present in a manual processing environment and those that are unique in automated environment. These additional risks associated with:

  • Improper use of technology.
  • Inability to control technology.
  • Inability to translate user needs into ERP technical requirements.
  • Illogical processing.

ERP System Vulnerabilities and Controls

  • Inability to react quickly (to stop processing).
  • Cascading of errors.
  • Repetition of errors.
  • Incorrect entry of data.
  • Concentration of data.
  • Inability to substantiate processing.
  • Concentration of responsibilities.

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