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Building Management System (BMS) is an often misused word these days, often applying exclusively to HVAC control systems.

BMS should control and monitor ALL of the BUILDINGS functions and features.

We design and install systems that control and integrate all aspects of building functions. Maybe they should call it an IBS – Integrated Building System/Solution. Or Energy Management System, but really a BMS should provide both energy management and controls and conveniences as well.

Utilizing a system that integrates and controls HVAC, lighting, shade controls, occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting, audio/video even security and access control. This gives complete monitoring, management and control of your space. We find most businesses are spending money on most of these areas already; it is a matter of getting systems that integrate together, for around the same cost.

We can equip new buildings as well as renovated and converted buildings with BMS systems that can guarantee the efficient operation, a comfortable environment and a future-proof property management system. We can guarantee a professional, prompt, reliable and cost-effective installation and maintenance service.


Designing is the biggest challenge of any automation project. By taking a professional approach we, at FSIB, design solutions that remove complexities out of technology. We design systems that help clients to focus on business rather than being disturbed by the underlying technology. Our goal is to increase the productivity at your workplace. By facing the challenges imposed upon by new technologies our specialists deliver the most creative, user friendly, affordable and aesthetic solutions.

Rendered Services during Design Phase:

  • Examining Client Requirements
  • Assessing Floor plans (ideally in a format acceptable by Auto CAD)
  • Formulating system engineering specifications and requirements
  • Implementing/Reviewing contract documentation

Design Phase Specifications:

Our design team will carefully detail and outline several descriptions of the design:

  • Marked electric circuits of floor plans
  • Control systems
  • Control points
  • Integration with other systems
  • Installation diagrams
  • Type of Electric switch cabinets
  • Calculation of wire lengths and diameters

Project Management

A successful automation project at any level requires planning, organizing, securing, and managing resources to achieve specific goals. The management and co-ordination of these project goals against project constraints (time, scope and budget) needs a good project management team. At FSIB, our project management team works closely with your staff (architects, electrical contractors, general contractors, design consultants, interior decorators and spatial planners) to ensure a customized solution for your facility. Some of the tasks involved here are:

  • Examining Client Requirements
  • Developing an executable plan
  • Identifying resources related to the scope of project
  • Formulating system engineering specifications and requirements
  • Establishing installation time table
  • Reviewing and Implementing contract documentation
  • Coordinating purchase and delivery of equipment
  • System development (Programming services)
  • Testing and Verification
  • Control Documentation
  • Ensuring on-site quality control
  • System Training at the time of commissioning

At FSIB we have the most professional and dedicated project managers that cater to these requirements.Our project managers serve as central focus point for any project by working closely with all teams (Programming, Installation and Technical teams) involved during the project.

Implementation Services

Installation, Testing and verification
The technical team is assigned the task of successfully completing the installation. Both functional and usability tests are performed as prior and post installation requirements. After installation several customer acceptance tasks are performed by the technical team.

Our success depends upon effectively training and educating the individuals who use these systems on a day to day basis. We provide detailed and customized training sessions to facility operators and system administrators so that they manage the systems with ease. After installation at any site we provide training sessions for your staff on an on-going basis so that they are well educated with the installed systems.

We provide a variety of documentation at all levels of the project. These include system design diagrams, marked electrical reports, cable pull plans, detailed mechanical drawings, equipment samples, and etc. Also for proper system functionality we develop user manuals for a smooth knowledge transition process between our team and your staff after installation.

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At FSIB we go beyond providing solutions & services. We work with our clients through technology, business processes and business changes that shape their competitive advantage. We complement deep industry and technology skills and focus on business solutions & services with process frameworks and applications outsourcing capabilities.

We are specialised in designing, installation and maintenance for residential, commercial and industrial buildings across Qatar.